Military Life Insurance

Being in the military comes with immense responsibility; to protect yourselves, your family and the country. Risking your life every day is incredibly courageous, but it means that you may go out to work one day not knowing if you will ever return. It’s a thought that no one would want to imagine, but shying away from a possible reality can have damaging effects on your family and loved ones.

General life insurance is often calculated on risk and considering the high-risk element that comes with being in the armed forces, getting military life insurance can be tricky because the risk of getting a payout is much greater than those who work in a low-risk environment. While this may be true, it shouldn’t detract from the importance of having life insurance if you serve in the forces.

Factors That Will Influence The Cost of Military Life Insurance

Although most jobs in the military are considered high risk, there are a few that are considered riskier than others, so payments may be a lot higher in these positions:

  • High-speed jet pilots
  • Those who work in bomb disposal
  • Those who work with or use explosives
  • Members of a helicopter group
  • Those who regularly parachute

The increasing need for those in the military to be covered by life insurance means specialist lenders are able to cover those who serve for the country. As with most niche types of insurance, it will require a lender who specialises in military life insurance, rather than a general high street lender to cover a soldier. Although high street lenders may offer insurance, the monthly premiums will be sky high to compensate for the higher chance of a payout, so it’s always best to do your research.

That being said, specialist lenders won’t exactly be charging a cheap rate, but in comparison, you are likely to get a better deal.

For any insurer, there is much more risk involved, as for some roles in the special forces, every day is another day where you risk your life and the premiums you pay will more than likely reflect this.

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The Importance of Military Life Insurance

It’s likely that the increased cost of life insurance for those in the forces will put you off getting insurance for good. However, in the dreadful event that your family may be left without you, military life insurance means they will be covered financially. Unfortunately, regardless of a death in the family, bills still have to be paid and direct debits will still continue to leave account. Military life insurance cover will mean that the likes of mortgage payments, electricity bills and childcare costs will be covered and your family would have one less thing to worry about.

Ministry Of Defence Life Insurance Scheme

The ministry of defence life insurance scheme is intended for those who have increased monthly payments because of their position in the military. The scheme covers these additional costs to encourage those in the special forces to take out insurance in the first place and it can offer a refund of up to 90% on the additional cost you are charged (up to £179,000 worth of cover).

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